Alan is a highly respected international creative thinking advocate, author, speaker, consultant, facilitator and college professor. His book BROKEN CRAYONS: Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines has been published in the USA, Turkey, Slovenia and South Africa... Read more

Ben Weinlick,  is the founder of Think Jar Collective. Ben is driven by the desire to help people and community get better at navigating complex challenges together. He is the founder of Think Jar Collective, co-founder of MyCompass Planning... Read more

Brooks Hanewich’s career reveals his balance of creative thinking and finely tuned critical thinking abilities. After graduating from the University of Alberta, where he studied economics and sociology, Brooks didn’t go for a typical career path.  He had the... Read more

Colin Funk is a seasoned facilitator and program designer in the area of creativity and leadership development. He has spent the last 20 years working as a facilitator, director and theatre producer throughout western Canada. He is a graduate of the BC Institute of Technology... Read more

One of the qualities of creative people and one to develop and focus on is child-like curiosity.  Kids approach everything they encounter with fewer assumptions and expectations. This allows for rich divergent thinking and insights that often jar us... Read more

Collective members that know her well, think Debbie Reid, M.Ed, is one of the brightest and wildest minds, period.  She gracefully balances a hilarious sense of humor with sharp insight.  Her career leading social change in Community Disability Services... Read more

Emerson Csorba is a fourth-year student at the University of Alberta in Sciences Politiques. He’s a co-founder of The Wanderer Online and a contributor to publications such as The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s On Campus and University Affairs. A... Read more

Jaime Calayo is a graduate of the Strategic Foresight and Innovation masters program at OCAD University. His work focuses on creating emotionally impactful ways to conduct public engagement. Through telling emotionally compelling stories about how things could be, there... Read more

Originally from Edmonton, Jessica Barrett moved to Vancouver about a decade ago to study dance at Simon Fraser University, where she started writing for the school paper for fun. These days, she’s still in Vancouver writing for a living... Read more

Think Jar Collective is honored to have Jim contributing to the collective. He is a mentor to collective members Ben Weinlick and Trent Kozak and doesn’t just talk about fostering creativity in others, he lives it. Jim Force, Ph.D.... Read more

Kent McKay is Communications Director at Manasc Isaac, an innovative, award-winning architectural firm and a recognized Canadian leader in sustainable design.... Read more

Leslie Ehm is President & Chief Fire Starter at Combustion She has been working in the world of creative collaboration for over 25 years. A former musician and TV host turned advertising Creative Director (McCann), she first launched agency-centric training... Read more

Think Jar Collective is honored to have Creativity expert Michael Michalko contributing his insights and experience. Michael is a highly-acclaimed creativity expert and author of the best-seller Thinkertoys (A Handbook of Business Creativity), ThinkPak (A Brainstorming Card Deck), Cracking... Read more

Think Jar is honored to have ONST Creative contributing to the collective.  These guys are pros with passion and great style. They have won awards recently for their designs and work with a diverse client base.  If you need... Read more

Paul Freeman is one of the rare individuals doing innovative work at the intersection of Art and human services.  In addition to being an internationally known, independent artist, Paul Freeman is the Artistic Director of the Nina Haggerty Centre... Read more

Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, a creativity and innovation management consultancy. Business and Organisation Development, Training and Coaching plus keynotes which blend leading ideas on business with the power of music, be it rock,... Read more

Piero Scaruffi received a degree in Mathematics (summa cum laude) in 1982 from University of Turin, where he did work in General Theory of Relativity. For a number of years he was the head of the Artificial Intelligence Center at Olivetti, based... Read more

A “career path” is sometimes easier to explain in retrospect.  After studying psychology at McGill and Cornell, Bob rode the 60’s wave into his first gig as a professional hippie, interpreting his generation to the Government of Canada as... Read more

Robin Mazumder is a passionate community builder dedicated helping make Edmonton a fun, vibrant and socially inclusive city. He has a keen interest in how city building and urban design can contribute to wellness, particularly mental health. Robin was... Read more

Scott Barry Kaufman, is one of the co-founders of the Creativity Post.  He’s a cognitive psychologist specializing in the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality in education, business, and society. He applies a variety of perspectives to come to a... Read more

Tim Kay has been engaged in diverse disciplines over the last 20 years of his professional career. From teaching auto-cad, to driving a cab, from being a community connector in disability services to working in occupational health and safety.... Read more

Trent Kozak completed his graduate research in fostering creative thinking and its role in supporting children with disabilities.  When Trent isn’t researching creativity and its applicability to human service organizations, he’s seen going for  epic bike rides, fire roasting his... Read more

Trevor Rockwell has a PhD in History and a Diploma in Music, over twenty years worth of daring ‘anti-pop’ music, academic publications and presentations on the history of propaganda and spaceflight, and a resume that reflects the adventure of a creativity-driven... Read more

Willy received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in 2000. He lived in New York City for a decade before moving to Santa Fe, NM. In addition to positions held at various universities, including Santa Fe University of... Read more