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ThinkJar Collective: We aim to ‘jar’ status quo assumptions and spark creativity. We do this through bashing our ideas together with the ideas of creative people involved in the social sector,business, the arts, education,  and sciences.

Think Jar Collective is both a website with content on enhancing creative thinking and innovation culture, and a collection of people from diverse disciplines who are leading new thinking in their fields. We want to demystify creativity and share the best articles, tips, insights and techniques that anyone can use to increase their creative capacity.

Why Creativity?

Well, creativity is not just something artists do.  Creativity is quickly becoming one of the most important competencies that people and organizations need to cultivate in order to stay relevant in our fast paced times.

If you want to hone your creative abilities take some time to read the articles, look at the projects, watch the videos, link possible ideas together, shake up assumptions and who knows your next great idea to put into action might arise.

If you want to increase creativity and innovation in your organization, contact us, we have experts that can help.

Who’s Part Of The Collective?

Ben Weinlick founded Think Jar as an experiment to break down sector silos and open up new ways to come up with relevant creative solutions to challenges faced by organizations and community.  All the Think Jar Collective members are deeply involved with fostering new thinking in the various domains they work in. Some of us are leading innovative projects in the social sector, some are breaking new ground in the design world and others are educators, business leaders, musicians, artificial intelligence researchers, journalists and entrepreneurs.  All of us recognize the importance of getting ideas and insights from others that work outside our respective fields.  Intersecting diverse fields and ideas is the heart of fostering creativity and innovation and Think Jar helps those collisions to happen.

Collective member bios can be seen here

Why Are You Called Think Jar Collective

Think Jar is a play on words, where we see this initiative as both a jar of creative ideas to draw from and we hope the content ‘jars’ assumptions and opens up new thinking.  The name arose after a creative collision between Think Jar members Ben Weinlick and Debbie Reid, Debbie reflected one day,

“I think what helps me keep creative is seeking out interactions with passionate, creative people… Hard to put into words what happens, but kinda like, weird, humourous, spontaneous interactions can “JAR” me out of habitual patterns of thinking”

Bash Ideas Together With Us

If you have a cool idea, article, project, video or would like to collaborate, contactmoc.liamg@evitcellocrajkniht

The video below sums up how creative ideas arise through interaction with others



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