Weinlick and Darth Lilly Collaboration


Bashing together disparate ideas and sounds are what Weinlicks like to do.  We can learn a lot from a child’s approach to creating.  They have less inhibitions, more fearlessness in their expressions and natural divergent thinking abilities to connect ideas.  One of the ways our family has fun and keeps ideas fresh and ‘jarred’ is to engage our kids in divergent thinking exercises like the song we made together below.

Here Darth Lilly and her Dad Ben Weinlick created a track out of combining a random story of a bear that Darth Lilly came up with and an old salvaged track from Ben’s experimental music projects in the late 90’s. Darth Lilly is a member of Think Jar where she contributes her humour and and fresh divergent thinking abilities.

Hello Wild Bear (what is this groan) by weinlick
Click here: Weinlick’s record, “Stiff” on itunes

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