Darth Lilly

Darth Lilly is a Think Jar Collective contributor

One of the qualities of creative people and one to develop and focus on is child-like curiosity.  Kids approach everything they encounter with fewer assumptions and expectations. This allows for rich divergent thinking and insights that often jar us “adults” into fresh perspectives.

Lilly is six and inspires many with her quirky, funny and fresh perspectives.  Lilly is studying piano, draws and often is found tweaking the controls on her dad’s many vintage synthesizers.  Lilly will contribute her curiosity, fresh perspective, art and photography to the think jar collective.

One of Lilly’s first pieces that jarred her Dad’s thinking was when she was 3 and drew the picture below.
Her Dad asked her what it was and without hesitation Lilly replied,

“A robot with fence arms”

With great enthusiasm she often says stuff like,

“Dad…. if the earth is spinning, then that means we are spinning too, right now!”


“I’m pretending to be a porcupine and these are my long, long porks” (as she points to a couple uncooked spaghetti sticks attached to her arms…)

Here is a piece she wrote with her dad, Ben Weinlick
Hello Wild Bear (what is this groan) by weinlick