Artist Craig Costello on moving beyond creative blocks

Individual Creativity

The folks at On Creativity continue to produce stellar interviews with leading artists, designers, professionals and creatives about their thoughts on what creativity means to them.

Craig CostelloIn this short video we hear from artist Craig Costello.

Craig shares some useful insights on creativity blocks, how to not get too caught up in trends and how he cuts through the noise when doubts and hesitation come up.  Self doubt, fear and hesitation are the big killers of creativity, and Craig offers a cool perspective on working with those inevitable states of mind that accompany any creative or new endeavour. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist, his insights on taking risks, thinking beyond status quo trends and managing our inner naysayer could be applied to any field.


-You have to take risks

-You gotta just jump into it sometimes (throw the first punch)

-Don’t get too caught up in trends

-Take failures in stride

-You gotta keep getting back up when you fall

-You gotta ignore naysayers



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