Bertrand Russell on “exact thinking”

Convergent Thinking

Bertrand Russell sharing some insights on critical thinking

After that one…

For fun check out “Plastic Bertrand” for some “inexact” but awesome thinking… in terms of divergent thinking making a great tune… Even though the writer of the song “Ca plan pour moi” utilized quite a bit of divergent thinking, he still had to make decisions as to what words to use and under what rules. For instance, the composer chose words that rhymed and maybe because the lyrics are so wild, he even had some rules that the lyrics had to be odd or a bit crazy.  So, convergent thinking was still at play. The creative act is a ‘both and’ process of divergent and convergent thinking.  Sometimes this dual process is very conscious and other times more intuitive.

Check out the translation of the lyrics… definite example of divergent thinking.

Wham! Bam! my cat Splash
lies on my bed with his tongue puffed out
by drinking all my whisky.
As for me, not enough sleep, drained, persecuted,
I had to sleep in the gutter
where I had a flash
in four colours

Allez-oop! One morning
a darling came to my home,
a cellophane puppet with Chinese hair,
a  plaster, a hangover,
drank my beer in a large rubber glass
like an Indian in his igloo…

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