Watch and Link Disparate Ideas

Creativity Techniques

An important skill to develop to enhance thinking creatively is to be able to link disparate ideas.  Often this is called associational thinking. Creative people see links where most see empty gaps.  It’s important to know that if you feel you lack this skill of associational thinking, it is not magic and can be developed by anyone with practice.

Below are a collection of videos about creative people in all kinds of disciplines.

As you check them out, reflect on what kinds of links or insights to the challenges and questions you are working on there might be.


Is there something in the way they approach their craft that I could use in my practice?
How do they practice creativity?  Could I take something from their approach and experiment with it?
What is the passion that drives them?
If I had to make a link between their field and my field what would it be?
How did they take an idea into action? What helped them do it do you think?

Hopefully by watching these vids it will stimulate some ideas and creative links

Shinya Kimura’s creative motorcycle building process

Chocolat maker champs from Brooklyn

Ad man and Graphic Designer George Lois on Creativity

Graphic Designer Milton Glaser on Creativity

Creative Process of a guitar maker

Guy who created an early Punk Rock magazine

Bird man of Portugal

Inventor of the Super Soaker

Dude building a log cabin in the woods (1960’s)



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