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ThinkLab Brainstorm Tool AppWe’re pretty stoked about the ThinkLab™ Brainstorming Tool as it’s like having a creativity expert in the palm of your hand. The creativity tool was designed by Think Jar Collective contributor Leslie Ehm and globally renowned Combustion .

Using scientifically proven creativity techniques, the app will tickle and tease countless ideas from even the most burned out brains. Whether you’re a visual or auditory thinker, Combustion has you covered with Brain Tweaks, Picture Packs, and Combo Platters. Working alone or with a team, it’s as easy as setting preferences to experience hundreds of brain stimulating combinations.

The app includes 4 different idea generating tools:

Brain Tweaks:

Brain TweaksChoose audio or visual settings and have creativity prompts delivered to you at your own pace. How would Ghandi solve this problem? What would you do if you had a million dollars? Brain Tweaks work directly on the problem solving centers of the brain, activating response instincts to trigger fresh ideas over and over again. Fun fact – that velvety voice you’ll hear is Combustion President & Chief Fire Starter Leslie Ehm delivering the Brain Tweaks.


Picture PackPicture Packs:

Use a series of images to force your brain to make new and different connections through shifting perspective. Ideal for introverted or visual thinkers, the Picture Pack helps to break down brain barriers and unleash brand new thinking from places you didn’t even know existed.



Combo PlatterCombo Platter:

Kick it up a notch. Combine settings for a multi-sensory experience that randomly combines Brain Tweaks and Picture Packs to make sure you’re getting the absolute best out of both your brain and the thinkers around you.




Team ThinkTeam Challenges:

Go into any brainstorm armed with a variety of thinking challenges used by expert creativity facilitators and trainers. We dare you to resist coming up with awesome solutions using these!

Want more? Never fear. Combustion is planning on continually adding in even more ThinkLab Brainstorming Tool decks via in-app purchases.

The ThinkLab™ Brainstorming Tool is a fantastic and fun compliment to your brainstorming sessions enabling you to produce tons of really kick ass ideas quickly. And it’s vintage, steam-punk design looks sweet and is easy to use.

Download the App Here      ThinkLab Brainstorm Tool App

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