Begin with the big toe: Intersecting Dali and Innovation

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Dali creativity exerciseIt seems that innovative ideas rarely trickle down from the top of our organizations.  That said, we still need leaders  that build and safeguard a creative culture and we need stewards of creative problem solving processes that can elicit the best thinking from diverse teams. In the short video below an idea from the surrealist artist Dali is presented as a way to unlock new thinking about innovation and our organizations.  It’s an interesting exercise you could try in an upcoming meeting.

Stages of the Big Toe Exercise

– Draw your organization

– Draw Marilyn Monroe

– Now draw Marilyn starting with her big toe

– Aha moments from everyone

– Draw your organization starting with the big toe (the big toe could be customer perspectives? front line staff needs and wishes? Try asking, what do our clients or customers really want from us? Why is our organization important for our clients? What do our clients really need? Ask lots of why questions.)

Dali the enigma of william tell

Big thanks to Nathan Schwagler and the Dali Museum in Florida for making this video.

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