Project Citizenship: Power of story to inspire change

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Project Citizenship: People with disabilities and their stories of engaged citizenship is about enhancing the experience of citizenship for people with disabilities, and raising awareness in the greater community about the valuable contributions they make.

This is an inspiring social change initiative that intersects art, story telling, creativity, change leadership, and social services.

It’s a two year grant partnership between the University of Alberta Community Service-Learning program, SKILLS Society and Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts. Think Jar Collective members Ben Weinlick and Debbie Reid are the leads on the project.

So far over 28 stories of citizenship have been documented by U of A students and SKILLS Society staff.  U of A researchers are also looking at the impact the project is having on services provided by SKILLS Society, on organizational change and on the greater community.

Part of how ideas and new thinking for supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities has been generated has been through the many think tanks SKILLS Society has hosted.  Inspired by Design thinking and the deep dive process IDEO uses, SKILLS Society staff have actively engaged and explored new processes for generating ideas  to connect people they support with an increased experience of being valued as citizens.  More on the creative process SKILLS’ uses can be found in this article. 

A highlight from year one of the project was the Art show of the project at the SNAP gallery in Edmonton Alberta

Check out Andrew’s story below for an example of an outcome from the project

Video about Project Citizenship

Check out the project links where there are lots of videos to inspire

Project Citizenship website for more stories, videos and info

Project Citizenship on Facebook


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