CommuniTEA Infusion project


The CommuniTEA Infusion experience is essentially a mobile tea house that comes to a neighborhood street and creates a kind of town square where people can come together, get to know each other better and strengthen connections.  One reason this is important in our fast paced society today, is that fewer persons are connected in meaningful ways with community.  If however the gathering place comes right to your door, there is a greater chance for meaningful exchange to take place.

More info here CommuniTEA Infusion website

What’s innovative about this project is how people with disabilities work along side other community members to build vibrant, creative, connected communities.

The van and the experience was designed based on a human centered design approach that offered a relevant social innovation.

Think Jar Collective members Ben Weinlick, Debbie Reid and Brooks Hanewich led the design and development of the project through the Edmonton Learning Community.

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