Cafe Racer Motorcycle Project


“From my perspective, one thing that relates science and art is simplicity.  Often it is only at the minimum that either the theory or the mechanism is clear.  Whereas with complex systems, it is very hard to not only comprehend them but also to test them.”

James Hammarhead-Neuroscientist turned motorcycle builder

Cafe Racer projectWhen you spend the majority of your time working on projects that require more cerebral power than muscle power, it can be refreshing to try to make something with your hands. Being raised by humanists and therefore never really learning how to do anything practical… I admit that I had to get some help from my friend and race bike builder Kevin Shupak to bring my design for this bike to life.  In the winter of 2010-2011, this sweet ride came to life.  I wanted to strip away the extras and bring out the raw power and design of this classic bike; a 1973 Honda CB750.  Honda CB750’s are considered the first super bikes and pretty much every sport bike that came after it has been based on it.  Cafe racer culture has gained popularity again and essentially it is about stripping a bike down to its raw elements, and making it go fast.  Hope you enjoy the pics and I hope you find projects to do both with your hands and your mind.

For an interview with master minimalist bike builder check out this interview I did with James Hammarhead of Hammarhead Industries based in Philadelphia.

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