Trevor Rockwell

Trevor Rockwell is a Think Jar Collective contributor

Trevor Rockwell has a PhD in History and a Diploma in Music, over twenty years worth of daring ‘anti-pop’ music, academic publications and presentations on the history of propaganda and spaceflight, and a resume that reflects the adventure of a creativity-driven life:

accordionist, animator, arranger, artist, author, barber, busker, cab driver, cellist, chef, clarinetist, composer, costume designer, crier, critic, delivery man, deejay, designer, director, dishwasher, doctor, door to door salesman, dreamer, drinker, drummer, eater, editor, father, filmmaker, flautist, friend, fruit picker, gambler, garbage man, guitarist, harmonica player historian, hitchhiker, husband, instrument maker, innovator, jailbird, janitor, joker, kaleidoscope maker, laugher, learner, listener, lover, migrant farm worker, mixing engineer, musician, organizer, percussionist, performance artist, photographer, pianist, player, poet, producer, public speaker, puppeteer, reader, recording artist, researcher, runner, saxophonist, singer, skater, skier, sleeper, smoker, snow fort designer, son, songwriter, swimmer, talker, teacher, telemarketer, thinker, tramp, trombonist, truck driver, waiter, walker, watcher, web designer, worker, and writer.

Trevor currently teaches history at the University of Alberta as well as pursuing his many creative endeavours. To Trevor, creativity is essential to human nature, identity and survival; it serves both amateur and professional, credible and incredible, realistic and imaginary goals. To keep his creativity flowing, Trevor clings to the probably unachievable but nevertheless purposefully fun fantasy of playing the bass in outer space.