Trent Kozak

Trent Kozak is a Think Jar Collective contributor

Trent Kozak completed his graduate research in fostering creative thinking and its role in supporting children with disabilities.  When Trent isn’t researching creativity and its applicability to human service organizations, he’s seen going for  epic bike rides, fire roasting his own blends of coffee and practicing the art of southern BBQ … Like seriously, Trent is a mad artist of the BBQ.

Trent relates how creativity is part of everyday life for him and his work.  He says, “Creativity to me is at the bottom of who we are. Whenever I have the opportunity to tinker with ideas, or even occasionally make a real contribution to something bigger than myself, this is when I feel I am really being me.”

Currently Trent is a key leader at SKILLS Society in the role of manager of community supports.  Alongside  fellow collective members Debbie and Ben, Trent is an integral part of leading the think tank research currently happening through SKILLS Society .  Trent is a master of “jarring” peoples concepts and assumptions and has a hilarious sense of humour to boot.