Think Jar Collective is pleased to offer certified facilitators of strategic innovation and organizational development workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology.

A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is a facilitated experiential process that is designed to enhance engagement, business performance and strategic innovation in large and small organizations.  In essence these workshops help participants to more easily communicate complex ideas in simple Lego forms.  From the outside, a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop may just look like playing with Lego, but the structured process elicits deep thinking, powerful story telling, authentic collaboration and problem solving of complex challenges that organizations, businesses and communities face.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods draw on extensive research led by Johan Roos and Bart Victor that looked at applications of the method in business, organizational development, psychology and education.  In essence this method works because deep learning and collaboration can more easily be provoked when people build ideas with their hands rather than just talk about them.

What could a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop help with?

This process has been successfully applied in organizations of all types.  It has been used by local governments, global service companies, large banks, start-ups, manufacturing companies and non-profit organizations.  The amount of time it takes for a workshop can range from one and a half hours to a two day full strategy exploration. We can design a custom workshop for you using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods that fits with your organization’s needs.

Business applications

Lego serious play tools for innovation– Organizational development

– Increasing employee engagement

– Building a shared vision

– Creating an organizational strategy

– Change management of structural changes and mergers

– Story boarding a user experience of a planned product in development

– Exploring and building a brand identity

– Exploring development of new innovations

Design and tech Startup applications

Lego Serious Play in action– Designing a mockup of a user experience of a new technology

– Story boarding a user experience of a planned product in development

– Exploring and building a brand identity

– Better client engagement in the design process of a website or service

– Using Lego in Design Thinking discovery and prototyping

Social good applications

lego serious play in canada– Governments wanting to host more engaging community consultations

– Helping marginalized populations that have difficulty with verbal and written communication to tell their stories

– Strengthening relationships and connections of a community

– Getting ideas from community stakeholders on a new government policy or change

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“The Lego Serious Play not only teased out essentials in our self-assessment, but both staff and board in this annual retreat reported our highest ever levels of engagement – the best part, however, was the laughter in the room”

 Dr Judi L Malone- Chief Executive Officer, Psychologist Association of Alberta (PAA)

“Ben was a fantastic facilitator who encouraged everyone to start thinking in a different way. I left the workshop feeling like I truly gained new insight into how people think and respond differently in situations and sometimes you need to step back and listen to what they have to say. I would strongly recommend the LEGO Serious Play workshop to any organization looking for a team building activity to bring their group together and I would also encourage them to ask for Ben Weinlick to be their facilitator. His ability to lead our group was invaluable to the experience I had during his workshop. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with Ben.”

Kurtis Poirier, HR Advisor with Edmonton Economic Development

“Our Edmonton and Calgary based teams had the opportunity to experience Ben’s facilitation of a ‘LEGO Serious Play’ workshop, which challenged us both as individuals and as a team, to work more creatively and collaboratively.  The element of ‘play’ is incredibly effective in breaking down communication and conflict barriers, as well as building deeper connections among team members.  Ben is highly knowledgeable and skilled in his craft and we would recommend him without hesitation.” Western Management Consultants

“During our conference, we were actively exploring what innovation means.  Ben Weinlick’s lively LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop addressed that for us, both formally and informally.  We were given clear and easy to digest definitions, as well as contexts for applying them.  The hands-on, time-boxed, graduated exercises Ben led us through improved our ability to problem solve through story-telling.  This was a key takeaway: compelling stories lead to creative solutions.” – Richard Gibbons – Government of Alberta Culture and Tourism

“My favourite workshop was the LEGO Serious Play, led by Ben Weinlick, I never thought I could use LEGO as a form of communication to describe issues, thoughts and solutions” Michael Parrilas Ignite Festival Participant 

“Provide a learning focused presentation to 80 people from 12 different agencies, from Executive Directors to Front Line Service Providers was the challenge we issued to Ben…and he delivered!  His presentation regarding community capacity building utilizing a Lego Serious Play™ method was thought provoking for our audience, regardless of where they worked within their organizations.  His energetic and humorous style resulted in the audience being able to work together to think creatively and resourcefully from their own point of view.  Following the session immediate feedback included; the session was excellent time spent, terrific way to open the day, creative way to engage tables full of people who don’t know one another.  The formal feedback received later from participants was that all learning days ought to begin on such an upbeat vibe, the questions posed were really thoughtful and Ben himself was terrific as a facilitator.  I would recommend Ben for more reasons than just the content of the presentation but also because he was accommodating to presentation requests, flexible with travel and very personable/relatable as a presenter.

Sandy Marcynuk, Program Consultant & Provincial Complex Needs Coordinator 

Alberta Health Services

“The Lego workshop helped us not just talk about our innovative ideas to improve the service in our organization, but we actually built our vision and service ideas together. And that made it more real and doable.”

Pat Conrad, Executive Director – Skills Society