Jack White on deadlines and constraints helping to foster creativity

Recently I came across the interview below which features musician Jack White talking about what supports his creativity.  Jack founded his band the White Stripes over a decade ago and brought back straight ahead, stripped down rock n’ roll to the mainstream.  Being painted by the media as a wild rocker who can’t be tamed, it is surprising and cool that in the interview Jack doesn’t talk about the stereotypical wild man needs of unlimited time and freedom to be creative.  Instead he sounds a bit like an old man who values a strong, consistent work ethic and likes having deadlines to meet. I’ve been finding this more and more, that successful creative people in any field are not flaky and spaced out all the time, but driven and do a little bit of their craft everyday even if they aren’t  feeling inspired.  It’s an important insight, because I think that we often tend to believe we can only be creative when we feel inspired.  We need to do away with that myth and practice creative thinking everyday even if we’re not “feelin’ it”.  Just like becoming adept in any discipline, hard work and daily practice seem to be key ingredients to improve creativity.  Reminds me of the  Edison quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

2 thoughts on “Jack White on deadlines and constraints helping to foster creativity

  • Avatar jan corcoran says:

    Yup. I go to the studio everyday and paint regardless of how ‘uninspired’ I am feeling. Just prepping canvas or going back into old pieces that never really worked and playing with the paint, listening to music and letting go. I never know when the magic will happen but when it does and the endorphins are released the energy flows onto the canvases and it is such a rush! And, yes, an impending show can foster creativity.

  • Avatar anik singal says:

    great post you got here, thanks a ton for sharing it!

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