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“Ben Weinlick’s work as a consultant and social-profit professional really exemplifies his effort to “live” social innovation and human centred design. He easily collaborates across disciplines and sectors and works as an active steward of the group rather than what he calls a “cold” facilitator.   Ben has a great deal of expertise that could benefit our Branch and work units that goes far beyond human centred design principles. The Human Centred Design approach was a mystery for many of our staff. Ben was able to walk us through the basic principles of the concept and then allowed us the time to “prototype” or “test” the principles. The prototyping really brought the idea of human centred design to life. We had a lot of fun together and we were able to collaborate across work units. Ben spent a great deal of time understanding his audience to ensure our human centred design lab was a memorable experience for everyone.” Kristin Ward-Diaz, Government of Alberta-Alberta Culture and Tourism

“Ben offers a fresh, creative voice in a field where it is hard to say something new. I really dig his appreciation of diversity and open-mindedness, and recommend him if you are an organization looking to infuse real, long-lasting, innovation into your workplace.” — Scott Barry Kaufman, co-founder, The Creativity Post

“Ben’s work is on the cutting edge of what’s great and inspiring in our sector”

Debbie Reid, Senior Manager at SKILLS Society, Edmonton

“Ben’s Think tank forum for collective creativity is novel, and has the capacity for potential positive mobilization of new services in an aligned and “outside the box” orientation. Ben shared some practical tools to incorporate this process into our own organizational practices.   Application of the learnings from this session may support the self-actualization of the individuals we support through improved critical thinking.    Ben was approachable, engaging and motivated everyone to participate in the exercises.”

Ed Riediger, Chief Executive Officer at Robin Hood Association

“Ben’s courses have inspired our staff. He has a tremendous ability to connect with the participants.  The course on community connection continues to state the importance of community connecting, while being able to address staff’s fears and anxieties in helping individuals make real connections based on common interests.  We left Ben’s workshop with ideas that we were able to break down in to practical, doable steps. The workshop on fostering relevant creativity has inspired us to raise the bar in our organization and to challenge the status quo when we support individuals.  It gave us permission to have fun and enjoy our work.”

Aaron Hill, Executive Director, North Hastings Community Integration Association, Bancroft, Ontario

“The timing of Ben’s workshop couldn’t have been better. Our staff teams are grappling with recent changes in how we provide services, as move away from a more traditional model of services towards more outcome-based service provision, which emphasizes supporting individuals to live lives of meaning and connection. Ben’s workshop provided inspiration and creative excitement for our staff teams. It was clear from the feedback following the workshop that staff are truly hungry for this, and are willing to move through changes when they have the motivation and vision to do so. We look forward to having Ben back in the future, as this is a workshop that all our staff will benefit from.  Some of the comments from our staff included: “Thank you for helping to open our hearts and thoughts to help improve the quality of life for the clients we support”; “We recommend that every staff should come and take this course. Its really useful and important.” “This course has got me excited about utilizing person centered planning and finding natural support for clients out in the community. I look forward to applying what I have learned”.

Chris Thomson, Excel Society, Edmonton

“Ben’s workshop is dynamic and entertaining, while delivering a very important message about the importance of making impactful connections for people. Our staff came away feeling energized and motivated to step outside of their comfort zones and assist the people they work with to become fully participating members of their communities.  He taught our staff to do this by getting to know the likes and interests of people we support,  then actively looking for opportunities for them to “live” them through the support of others with similar interests.  Thanks Ben!”

Patricia Beckley, Director, ASLS, Grimshaw, Alberta

“The Community Connecting in Action workshop had excellent ideas and tactics. Free flowing, easy course to take!! I really will remember what was discussed

Course participant, SKILLS Society

“Almost as painful as a visit to the dentist… just kidding, CCIA rocked!”

Course participant, ACDS conference 2009