The Creative Brain

Individual Creativity

Episode Twelve of the Creative Brain series from the Charlie Rose show.  A discussion about creativity with artists Richard Serra and Chuck Close, neurologist Oliver Sacks, Ann Temkin, chief curator of painting and sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art and Eric Kandel of Columbia University


Fascinating look at what creativity might be from the perspective of artists, neurologists, a professor with a bad ass bow tie and a curator from the Moma.  Through their conversation they turn over some assumptions about creativity and show how much of it has to do with discipline over waiting for inspiration.  As Chuck Close jokes, “Inspiration is for amateurs…The rest of us just show up and get to work.  Because everything grows out of work; it kicks open a door.  You never want to sit around and wait for the clouds to part to get hit by a bolt of lightening, because it may never happen.”

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