Sparking Serious Play and Creativity

Creative Organizational Culture

To loosen up mental habits and playfully spark  creativity, plant this book in a key bumping space in your organization.

This has been on our coffee table in our family home for a while and has been a great source of creativity, connection and humor.  My kids love to draw in it… and so do I. The drawings will be awesome to look back on in 10 to 20 years.

I’m about to sneak a fresh copy  into the reception area of the organization I work with.  This is a simple tool that people can engage either through drawing in it or looking at other peoples drawings.  In addition to the natural humor and community building the tool will bring, it will get people into a different mode of thinking.

Of course this isn’t anything profound or a creative problem solving tool, but it is a simple and fun tool that could be one more piece of developing and supporting a creative organizational culture. If you doubt the value of serious play for creativity also check out this video from the worlds most creative design company IDEO (They invented the computer mouse among many other useful tools and services).

The 642 things to draw book is laid out in a way that you don’t have to think of something to draw. You just open it up, pick one of the 642 things to draw and scribble away.

Can buy the book here

Here are some examples from my kids and I

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