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Think Jar Collective

picture of think jar collective designWe’re both a website with content on enhancing creativity and innovation culture, and a collection of people from diverse disciplines who are leading new thinking in their fields. We want to demystify creativity and share the best articles, tips and techniques that anyone can use to increase their capacity for authentic innovation.

Why Creativity?

Well, creativity is not just something artists do.  Creativity is now one of the most important competencies that people and organizations need to cultivate in order to stay on top and relevant in our fast paced times.

Recently in a new study from IBM, creativity was found to be the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking. The IBM study is the largest known sample of one-on-one CEO interviews, with over 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries polled on what drives them in managing their companies in today’s world.

So, If you want to hone your creative leadership abilities, take some time to scan our articles, look at the projects, watch the videos, link possible ideas together, shake up assumptions and contact us if you want to learn more or collaborate.

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