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Creative Leadership

Creative leadershipThe term Creative Leadership is something you hear more and more these days.  But what is it really?

As old school hierarchical leadership paradigms are becoming less and less relevant and effective, new styles of leading in more inclusive and flattened ways are coming to the fore.  Creative Leadership isn’t simply about leaders who are creative, but more about how stellar leadership is like an art form where good questions, collaboration, and empathy are the medium.  In fact in chatting with one of my friends and fellow Think Jar contributors, Colin Funk of the Banff School of Leadership, he spoke about how they looked at leadership as the “17th artform”.  Now, I haven’t counted how many artforms there are and I’m sure it is always evolving and shifting, but this notion of leadership as art has intrigued me for some time.


To add to this exploration of the link between art and leadership a recent TED talk on the subject has emerged.  In the video below, the head of the Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda explores creative links between technology, design, art and leadership. Some thought provoking stuff on moving from hierarchy to heterarchy (flattened networks) where “keeping it real” triumphs over always wanting to be right.

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John Maeda


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